1.- Astronorte reserves the right to modify the conditions for carrying out the activity for reasons beyond its control or for reasons of force majeure.


2.- The activity may be postponed or canceled due to adverse meteorological causes (clouds, rain or strong wind, haze...), due to rules or decrees issued by the competent authorities in matters of prevention and emergencies, or also for not reaching the minimum number of people at the closing of reservations.


If, once it has started, weather conditions change, preventing it from taking place, the activity may be suspended. In this case, a partial refund of the amount paid will be made.


The responsibility for postponement or cancellation falls on the main guide of the activity and the decision will be made to postpone or cancel, always ensuring the quality of the service and the safety of the users. The decision will be based on Aemet forecasts, webcams on the island and other weather forecasts. Like all weather forecasts, there can be errors and rapid changes in conditions that are not under our control. The client therefore accepts the decision made by the company and its managers.

In the case of visits to the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory, the activity is subject to the conditions and/or authorizations established by the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and/or the telescope itself, the body responsible for authorizing the carrying out of activity. This visit may be altered or suspended due to meteorological circumstances, official alerts, or due to maintenance and/or work inside the telescopes.

If the activity is postponed to another date and the client cannot carry out the activity, the company will partially refund the amount paid except €5/person for management costs.

3.- The client must provide a contact telephone number that is operational at least 24 hours before the activity, to receive by message or call, the urgent and necessary information that the company deems necessary. Astronorte is not responsible for errors in the numbers provided, nor for the lack of response to our messages.

The client must be punctual and be at the meeting point of each activity at the time established on the ticket, otherwise, they will lose their right to participate in it, as well as the amount paid for said activity without the right to a refund.


3.- All reservations have a cost of €5 in management fees, which will not be refunded except in those cases that the company deems appropriate and as long as there are circumstances that justify it.

4.- The client has the right to cancel their reservation up to 48 hours before the start of the activity, with a cost of €10/pers. cancellation fees; or request to change the date (subject to availability) with a cost of €5/pers. for management expenses.


5.- For cancellations or changes (within the established period), the client must send us in writing (via email or SMS) the locator of their ticket, the email and the contact telephone number provided in the reservation, specifying whether wish to cancel your ticket, change the date of your reservation (subject to availability), modify the number of participants or other request. Only a favorable response from the company in writing confirms the change and/or cancellation.


6.- Refunds will be made by the same payment method that the client used at the time of making the reservation, or the one agreed between the parties.


Important: The client accepts these conditions and those of each activity at the time the reservation is made effective.



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